Common Enemy

This powerful documentary is both an exposé of the harms caused by modern animal agriculture—and a testament to the resilience of those living in its shadow.

Vicky Bond, THL President


Oklahoma has a growing factory farm problem. Concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) are taking over the state—polluting air and water, forcing farmers off their own land, and creating hell on earth for animals.

Aerial view of hog lagoon in Oklahoma


95% of all pigs in Oklahoma live on just 33 industrial mega-farms. Deprived of sunlight. Deprived of adequate space. Deprived of any dignity that would make their lives worth living.


Oklahomans are raising their voices against the animal agriculture industry. Common Enemy tells their story.

Adam Peditto

Adam Peditto (Director)

Adam is a Philadelphia-based writer and director specializing in documentaries and short films. He has been an animal activist since 2013.

José Elias

José Elias (Producer)

José is a Philadelphia-based Video Producer for The Humane League. He has worked in the professional animal welfare space for over a decade, bringing awareness to the plight of animals raised for food.

Angel Lugo

Angel Lugo (Editor)

Angel is a seasoned film and video editor committed to provoking positive change and bringing important stories to life through creative expertise. He is based in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Mark Middleton

Mark Middleton (Videography/Animation)

Mark L. Middleton has worked in engineering, film, visual art, and games. He has been involved in the animal movement for 17 years and is on the board of The Humane League. Mark has done animation for the short documentaries Not a Nugget, which he also directed, and 7 Days.

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